Why we are not Evolved to use Social Media, Emails, and Slack

The sad truth of our life :(Original meme}
My head after facebook holds my likes (Original meme)
My focus after using tech to improve my productivity (Original meme)
Who says life is easier in our generation (Original meme)
  • Scheduling when we will use these things. For example, You can decide to use social media from 9–10 PM or email at 8 AM and 8 PM.
  • We should prioritize our tasks. Like I will check Instagram only after completing my most important tasks of the day.
  • Never use social media or other things when you are taking a break from work. Taking a small power-nap or walking would be better.
  • Try developing some hobbies like reading books or painting if you use social media when you are bored.
  • Block notifications of these apps during work time.




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Raghav Ojha

Raghav Ojha

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